Welcome to SecQR: Your Trusted Traceable QR Code Security System

At SecQR, we offer a cutting-edge traceable QR code security system designed to safeguard your high-value assets and provide peace of mind. Our innovative solution utilises state-of-the-art technology to deter theft and facilitate recovery.
Below you'll find information about what we do and how it works. Once you've read the information if you have any questions please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Traceable QR Codes: We laser-etch prominent QR codes onto your assets, ensuring visibility and traceability. Each QR code links to our database which holds the details of the items owner, making it easier to recover stolen items. Scanning the QR code activates a webpage to open with the owners basic information, items status, description and photos where available.

Crowdsourced Search: In the unfortunate event of theft, our system triggers a crowdsourced search, alerting all active users and leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Together, we can mobilise a community effort to recover stolen items swiftly.

Why Choose SecQR:
Enhanced Security: Our traceable QR code system acts as a powerful deterrent against theft, protecting your assets around the clock.
Peace of Mind: With SecQR, you can rest assured knowing that your high-value assets are monitored and traceable, reducing the risk of loss and increasing the chances of recovery.
Community Support: Join our network of users and contribute to a community-driven effort to combat theft and recover stolen items. Together, we can make a difference.

Get Started Today:
Protect your assets with SecQR and experience the ultimate peace of mind. Join our community of users and take control of your asset security like never before. Contact us to learn more and get started with SecQR today!

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